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hello friends
this is the third main website of skyler h. this site consists of many things (such as music, gaming, hacking) that i enjoy. to learn more about me...visit my previous sites. and
take this poll...or i'll sick my cat on you!
Welcome To My Home Page
if you have any comments about this or any of my other pages, please send me your comments.

i created this site a few nights ago, but i idn't save it, so that angered me. if you have any cool HTML lines that you would like to see here, please send them to me...

btw, that picture at the top...i shot that while travelling to cimarron, nm. we stopped at a designated area and i saw the great opportunity. then i uploaded the image and inverted the colors. if you want the original image, send me an email regarding the pic... or just copy and paste the pic into paint, then click colors...then invert colors.

skyler h

this is a useless text paragraph that has to be on my homepage... argh!
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